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Walgreens Enables Third-Party Mobile App Developers to Leverage Its Prescription Refill Technology

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Today, Walgreens announced that a new application programming interface (API) is available, which allows third-party mobile app developers to integrate Walgreens’ prescription refill technology.

Third-party mobile app developers that have scanning functionality within their apps will have an easy integration with the API to enable their users to order prescription refills by scanning the barcode on a Walgreens prescription bottle.

“People continue to become increasingly engaged with their mobile devices and use the technology to help make their day-to-day lives easier,” Abhi Dhar, Walgreens e-commerce chief technology officer said in a statement. “By incorporating Walgreens Prescription API, mobile app developers are providing users with an easy way to refill prescriptions and help them properly take their medication.”

According to the company, eleven percent of hospital admissions and 40 percent of nursing home admissions are attributable to medication non-adherence. This has cost the US health care system an estimated $290 billion per year. Walgreens believes that in addition to tools like the Refill by Scan, pharmacists can improve adherence to medications through face-to-face interactions and counseling. In a recent study, researchers found that adherence rates were nearly five percent higher among patients who received counseling from their pharmacists on a regular basis over the course of one year.

“We are excited about our relationship with Walgreens. Walgreens leadership position in technology and consumer empowerment fits perfectly with Healthspek’s message to consumers ‘Own Your Chart!’,” Randy Farr, president of Healthspek stated.

“PocketPharmacist is thrilled to offer iOS users both the convenience and ease of refilling their Walgreens prescriptions,” Michael Guren, founder and CEO of Danike, Inc. said. “We believe this adds to our goal of helping people better understand and manage their medications.”


Source: Walgreens

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